The Caped Avenger


if logging on to social media sites is getting you down it is time to consider individualizing and creating a more visually pleasing ambience to the overall view of your interface screen.

sterile bleached pages speckled with walls of black text, images swallowed up by flashing neon like advertisements and company logos is not conducive to a pleasant catch up with friends.

firstly get some colour. make those advertising images fade into the background. lighting up the text will differentiate between  a social chat and information designed for you to consider and possibly feel the need to take a course of action over. who needs that when you just want to sit in your underwear and have a cup of green tea and a soothing conversation with friends.

need some help pimping your screen to create the socially inclusive and inviting atmosphere you deserve. post your questions in the comment section below and our Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Caped Avenger will comment on back.


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