About Us

hearthstar is an independent artistic initiative with a particular interest in developing massive multi-participant art installations (MMPAI).

seated around the hearthstar are three adventurous Australian women. we are artists. we have each experienced significant social challenges. we have come together to nurture, encourage, develop and celebrate people through the creation of a nexus for sharing unique artistic skills, talents and perspectives. we are practitioners of inclusivity, we are dedicated to self-healing through hard work and expression. we are celebrants of diversity and avatars & activists for social change.

visitor. you are welcome. warm your hands and heart by the fire. feel free to look around and if it pleases you to do so, join our creative challenges and share the results with us. artists submit to us. 😛

this site will be updated on the 1st of each month. think of this ezine as graffiti on the walls of cyberspace!

(apologies please be patient while we smooth out the edges of this project.)

Hearthstar HQ


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Great work guys!

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