artist’s submission: invitation & guidelines


along with our monthly challenges we also offer many categories in which you can contribute and have your art work or story celebrated in our next ezine. please scroll to the bottom of the page to read the rules of submission.

Submissions due: before the 27th of each month.

Send to:



1. gallery and/or studio art: send us an image to showcase your visual or sculptured work.

2. musicians & soundsmiths: send us a .wav file so we can hear you.

3. BlitZ Fiction: a piece of fiction. 200 word max.

4. poetry: poems 500 lines max. multi-media welcome.

5. multi-media video art: send your link to your artistic videos.

6. graffiti, anime, comic & fan artists: send us an image and wow us.

7. storytellers: pieces of your personal story max. 2000 words

8. photographers: send us a snap

9. Artocrats:  join the Artocracy. review music, films or cultural events. 2000 words max. including images is optional

10. Lashing Fashion & Design:  fashionistas, designers, decorators send us an image

11. body art: images of tattoos

12. hearth & hobby art: art from inside everyday homes, kitchen artistry, garden artistry etc

13. wordweavers, observationists, essayists and activists: max 2000 word

14. Wyrd Craft: max 2000 words or less of mystic mutterings and rituals that help heal and enrich your life.

15. open category: surprise us

16. BlitZ art: participate in our monthly creative challenges or catch up with a previous challenge and send us images of the results

Rules of Submission

          1. Upon submitting you agree that you are the original proprietor of the work and you give hearthstar permission to publish, display and reasonably change and or alter your submission to fit better with the vision of hearthstar’s Executive Artists.
          2. Upon submission you agree that the decision to include your work in our massive multi-participant art installations is entirely the decision of the panel of hearthstar Executive Artists.
          3. Seemingly offensive and or derogatory material will be challenged and judged by the panel of  hearthstar Executive Artists for the works artistic merit.
          4. In the header of the email please include the category you are submitting your works too.
          5. Create a Signature
          6. please indicate contact details if in the event that we have a request for contact from an interested party
          7. please indicate if you desire a link back to your personal social pages

PLEASE NOTE: hearthstar ezine does not offer remuneration for any submissions as we have no platform in which to make money from this artistic initiative. all we can offer is inclusion, celebration and our noob attempts to promote you.

Create a Signature

We are committed to respecting privacy and actively encourage the creation of an Avatar. However the choice is yours but we like to give credit where credit is due so regardless, super hero identity or professional promotion, when submitting please create a signature.

A thumbnail sized image that best reflect you. Write 20 words or less about yourself. Include the name you prefer to be known as, indicate the sex or species you prefer to be recognised as and we will immortalise you on our contributor’s pages.

Hearthstar HQ


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